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An Acknowledgment of God’s Supremacy

O Thou who art the Father of that Son which hast awakened us, and yet
urgest us out of the sleep of our sins, and exhortest us that we become
Thine, to Thee, Lord, we pray, who art the supreme truth, for all truth
that is, is from Thee. Thee we implore, O Lord, who art the highest
wisdom, through Thee are wise, all those that are so. Thou art the
supreme joy, and from Thee all have become happy that are so. Thou art
the highest good, and from Thee all beauty springs. Thou art the
intellectual light, and from Thee man derives his understanding. To
Thee, O God, we call and speak. Hear us, O Lord, for Thou art our God
and our Lord, our father and our creator, our ruler and our hope, our
wealth and our honour, our home, our country, our salvation, and our
life; hear, hear us, O Lord. Few of Thy servants comprehend Thee, but at
least we love Thee”yea, love Thee above all other things. We seek Thee,
we follow Thee, we are ready to serve Thee; under Thy power we desire to
abide, for Thou art the Sovereign of all. We pray Thee to command us as
Thou wilt; through Jesus Christ Thy Son our Lord. Amen.

“Alfred the Great

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