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A Morning Prayer for Communion Day.

Arise, my soul, this is the day which the Lord hath made. We will rejoice
and be glad in it. Give thanks unto the gracious and merciful God for His
blessings and say:

Almighty and Merciful God and Father, I thank Thee from all my heart for
the protection of this night, for the refreshing rest, and for the joyous
morning, which Thou hast granted unto me. I praise Thee with all my soul
for Thy wonderful mercy which blesses me with the forgiveness of my sins.
Praised be Thy grace, which is new each morn, and which on this day also
bids me to Thy house, and calls and invites me to Thy altar.

O Lord, since I, too, would come to Thy Supper with the throngs which
celebrate, do Thou Thyself make me ready. As Thou wouldest find a pure
residence in me, do Thou cleanse and consecrate my body and soul. Guide
me with Thine eye, and lead me with Thy hand to the riches of Thy mercy.
Comfort me with Thy countenance, and do not forsake me. As the hart
panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after Thee, O God.

And, that my sacred resolve may not be hampered, I commend to Thee my
body and soul, reason, senses, and thoughts, whatever I do or leave
undone, my coming in and going out, my walking, standing, sitting, and
resting, my imaginations and aspirations, my faith and confession, and
whatever internally or externally I may be or do. O God, preserve in me a
devout spirit, and hinder whatever might disturb or hamper me. Receive me
into the especial care of Thy grace, and increase in me the work that is
now begun. Perfect and complete it according to Thy power and grace to
Thy glory and my salvation. Keep me from evil thoughts, from idle
imaginations, from all uncleanliness, so that in Thy fear I may begin a
consecrated life and continue therein. May the light of my faith shine
before men. May I give offense to none, but rather in Christian conduct
edify the brethren and direct them to all virtue.

Holy Jesus, do Thou unite with my body and soul on this day. Nourish me
with Thy flesh and refresh me with Thy blood, so that my weak faith be
strengthened, and receive the assurance of Thy grace, the remission of my
sin, and eternal salvation. Invest me with the pure silk of Thy
righteousness. Clothe me in the true wedding garment, that I may appear
at Thy heavenly board a worthy guest.

Now, Lord God and Father, be my help and my protection! Lord Jesus Christ
be my bread, my light, and life! And Thou, O Holy Ghost, illumine and
preserve me in the true sanctification, so that in that estate, into
which I again am permitted to enter, I may remain for the course of my
life. Let me be enveloped in Thee. Without Thee there is only grief. O
dear Savior, let me ever be with Thee. Amen.

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