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Nun ruhen alle Waelder.

Now under night’s dark shadow
Rest woodland, field, and meadow,
The world in slumber lies.
But thou, my soul, awake thee,
To song and prayer betake thee,
Give praise to Him who rules the skies.

The sun’s fair light hath vanished,
The night its rays hath banished,
The night, the foe of day.
‘Tis well: my heart containeth
A sun whose light ne’er waneth,
Since Jesus there holds constant sway.

The reign of day is over,
And golden stars now cover
The canopy so blue.
Thus I shall shine in heaven,
Where golden crowns are given
To all who faithful stay and true.

My body is divested
Of garments that have rested
Upon its form of clay.
Thus I at heaven’s portal
Shall lose all that is mortal
And with the Lord forever stay.

Head, feet, and hands are taking
Sweet rest from toil and waking,
Released from ev’ry pain.
O heart of mine, why borrow
The troubles of tomorrow?
Thou rest from sin and woe shalt gain.

Ye members weak and tired,
By joy no more inspired,
Betake yourselves to bed.
The time and hour for sleeping
In God’s own faithful keeping
Will come when you are cold and dead.

My tired eyes are closing,
And while I am reposing,
Where doth my soul remain?
To Thee be it commended
Until the night is ended,
Let me Thy gracious favor gain.

Lord Jesus, who dost love me,
Spread both Thy wings above me,
Thus shielding me from harm.
If Satan should draw near me,
Let angels come to cheer me
And so the wily foe disarm.

My loved ones, rest securely,
Since God will guard you surely
From pain and perils sore.
May you in safety slumber,
While angels without number
Attend you now and evermore.

Paul Gerhardt, 1648.
Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

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