group of people waving their hands

 Prayer for Sunday Morning.

Lord, our Heavenly Father, Eternal God! Blessed be Thy divine power and
might; magnified Thy fathomless goodness and mercy; praised Thine eternal
wisdom and truth. For Thou hast shielded me with Thy hand against the
perils of this night, and hast suffered me to rest and slumber in peace
under the shadow of Thy wings. Thou hast kept and safeguarded me with a
father’s care against the Evil One and all his wicked designs and
purposes. Therefore, I magnify Thy goodness and the wonders which Thou
doest for the children of men. I will exalt Thee in the congregation. Thy
praise shall evermore be in my mouth. My soul shall bless Thee, O my
Lord, all that is within me shall bless Thy holy name, and nevermore will
I forget Thy benefits. May the praises of my lips, which in singleness of
heart I bring before Thee at this early hour, be acceptable in Thy sight.
I call upon Thee with all my heart to preserve me this day against all
danger of body and soul. May Thy holy angels have charge over me and keep
me in all my ways. Encompass me with Thy shield and lead me on the paths
of Thy commandments that, like the children of light, I may be blameless
in Thy service, to Thy good pleasure. Stay the Evil One and all
wickedness of this world. Restrain mine own flesh and blood that I be not
overcome by them. Lead me with Thy Holy Spirit that I attempt, do, speak,
or think nothing except what is well-pleasing in Thy sight and conducive
to the glory of Thy divine Majesty. Behold, O God, I consecrate and
dedicate myself entirely to Thy holy will, with body and soul, all my
powers and abilities, inwardly and outwardly. Make me a living sacrifice,
holy and acceptable unto Thee, so that I may render Thee a reasonable and
pleasing service. Therefore, Most Holy Father, Almighty God, let me be
wholly Thine. Govern Thou my heart and soul, and all my emotions that I
know and understand none but Thee. O Lord, in the morning wilt Thou hear
my voice. Early will I seek Thee and look up to Thee. Early will I praise
Thee, and will not cease when evening comes. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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