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 Christe, du bist der helle Tag.

O Christ, who art the sun-lit day,
Before Thee night must flee away,
Thou dost reflect the Father’s light
And teachest us His will aright.

Dear Lord, as night is drawing near,
Fill Thou our hearts with light and cheer,
Let us securely rest in Thee
And from the foe’s attacks stay free.

And while our eyes in slumber close,
Grant that our hearts may find repose;
But let them be to Thee awake
And of Thy saving grace partake.

Protect us from the wily foe
Who seeks to harm our souls, we know.
Be Thou our shield, our staff, and stay,
Lord Jesus Christ, for this we pray.

For Thou hast made us, Lord, Thine own,
We as Thy heritage are known.
Thy blood was shed, that we might be
The Father’s precious gift to Thee.

So let Thy holy angel stay
Around us both by night and day.
Place Thou a watch beside our bed,
And guardian angels overhead.

Thus in Thy name we fall asleep,
While angels o’er us watch must keep.
To Thee, O Holy One in Three,
Be praise to all eternity.

Latin, 7 Century.
Erasmus Alber, 1555.
Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

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